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Nghi Thiet Beach Vietnam Beaches

Nghi Thiet Beach

Not so far from the sea shore, from Cua Lo port, looking across the other bank of the Lo River is Nghi Thiet commune, Nghi Loc district, Nghe An central province. This is a place, which is famous for the traditional 700 years of shipbuilding. They are the patriotic shipmen who built the Unknown ship [...]
Cua Lo beach Vietnam Beaches

Cua Lo beach

Referring to the Nghe An sea, we cannot forget Cua Lo – one of the most beautiful beaches in the North Central region and has been well known by many domestic and foreign tourists.The beach of Cua Lo township – about 16 kilometers to the northeast of Vinh city, more than 300km from Hanoi and [...]
Bai Lu beach Vietnam Beaches

Bai Lu beach

If the beaches in Quynh Luu and Dien Chau districts are almost untouched and untapped by tourist, the sea resort of Bai Lu is high class in terms of terrain, natural sea, and scale construction and transportation infrastructure. Bai Lu is such a “Cinderella turns into Princess” – a new potential is awakened in the Central. About [...]
Dien Thanh beach Vietnam Beaches

Dien Thanh beach

About 250km from Hanoi, near Dien Chau intersection, along the routes 1A, Dien Thanh beach is a wide gently sand beach. Dien Thanh’s wave is not large, only slightly raised, shallow water, sometimes if you swim hundreds of meters away would also at the level of abdominal stomach. Not as crowded as the other beach destinations, [...]
Quynh Beach Vietnam Beaches

Quynh Beach

Right in the first place of Nghe An, sea travel in Quynh beach has started to become familiar with tourists in recent years. There are many beautiful beaches such as Phuong Quynh, Quynh Lien, Quynh Bang and Quynh Nghia, Quynh Lap. The beach is almost wild, only be exploited a fraction of coastal services. There are many mountain [...]
Hai Hoa Beach Vietnam Beaches

Hai Hoa Beach

Hai Hoa Beach, Tinh Gia district is about more than 40km to the south of Thanh Hoa city and it is becoming the new destination of tourists in summer. Wild is the first feeling of the visitors to Hai Hoa Beach. Also being the beach in Thanh Hoa, but while Sam Son was well known from many years, Hai Hoa is known for only two years. There are not many services for tourism, beach alone with the consistency of sand along the beach and gentle under each step. Hai Hoa also has enough seafood specialties dishes with affordable prices. The most interesting part of this beach is life mix with the people [...]
Sam Son Beach Vietnam Beaches

Sam Son Beach

Sam Son Beach (Sam Son town, Thanh Hoa) is about 16 km from Thanh Hoa City to the east and about 170 kilometers from Hanoi. This is one of the famous tourist resorts of Vietnam from the early 20th century. With nearly 6 km long beaches from the Lach Hoi River mouth to the base [...]
Hai Tien beach Vietnam Beaches

Hai Tien beach

Hai Tien Sea is considered the longest beach and the only beach, which has not been exploited in northern Vietnam. It is also the nearest beach from Hanoi than the other beaches. Nature has endowed this land with the wonderful blend between islands, mountains and all year round mild rivers. Hai Tien Beach is 12 km [...]
Bai Ngang, Con Noi Vietnam Beaches

Bai Ngang, Con Noi

Ninh Binh has only 18 km of coastline between two major rivers, which are Day River, and Can River, but the tectonic changes in Kim Son Sea took out strongly. The whole area of ​​Bai Ngang of Binh Minh town and three communes: Kim Dong, Kim Hai, Kim Trung along with two islands Con Noi,  [...]
Thinh Long beach Vietnam Beaches

Thinh Long beach

From Nam Dinh city along Highway 21 to Hai Hau district, cross the bridge Lac Quan and a few dozen of kilometers further, you will stop at the Linh Ung pagoda. From the most beautiful and biggest pagoda in Hai Thinh town, Hai Hau district, visitors began to feel the distinct change of weather and [...]


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