Hon Tre beach

Hon Tre beach

Hon Tre beach

Hon Tre is the administration centre of Kien Hai district, Kieng Giang province that is nearly 30km from the West of Rach Gia city – Kien Giang province. Hon Tre looks like a giant turtle among the sea. From the port of Rach Gia, it takes two hours to Hon Tre on ship to Hon Tre. Hon Tre is not only the near mainland island and contains many spiritual monuments, which are deeply “sea feature”, it also has some pristine and beautiful landscapes. There are 900 households in this island, 700 of them gather in the two sides of the road with more than 300 different sizes of boats along to help this island became the “fishing city”.

Hon Tre area is 428.59 ha, 3.5km long, and the widest part is 2km. The highest peak of Hon Tre is 395m with the sloping terrain and the main area is mountainous with the average height of 30m. There are two mountains in the island: the high one in the South and the lower one in the North. Looking from Rach Gia, these two islands helps the island looks like a turtle emerging on the sea, so people call this one the Turtle Island. People in the island live by gardening, fishing and processing the seafood.

Many people said the right name of the island is Hon Che, because the island hides the storms to Rach Gia. The terrain structures are only piling stones to create Hon Tre Island, the small part of land in the middle is taken to plant mango, jackfruit, the upper part is primeval forest with many liana and bush and there are much squirrel, monkey and cobra. There are many small springs in the island to supply fresh water for people in Hon Tre.

The seashore around the island is in curl shape which is quite complex, however, there are many flat parts with natural stone area which is suitable for tourism activities like Bai Chen, Dong DUa, Bai Dua, Ha Ba tale. Bai Chen is in the North West of the island. This is a small bay with quiet waves and about 2km long. There are many round rocks along the Bai Chen shore. Coming to Bai Chen, visitors would sit on those rocks to enjoy fishing, sightseeing and resting after the swimming time. This is the most beautiful and clean beach in Hon Tre. The landscape is still pristine with sea and forest.

Visitors to Hon Tre are also able to taste the interesting and strange foods such as the Bien Mai oyster. There are many types of making this food: eat directly, make porrish, fried, etc. Under the sea sand level, there is a type of fish called Ca xiu, which is also made into different foods.

It is also convenient to organize the tours around Hon Tre and the nearby islands.


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