Hon Chong beach

Hon Chong beachHon Chong tourism centre in Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province is a complex of landscape, vestige of the blue water, Green Mountain and nice combination. This island has a wild landscape, which is peaceful and romantic with mountains and caves, seashore and the quiet pagodas. The complex of limestone sea of Hon Chong including Kien Luong and Ha Tien is lasted from Kien Giang province (Vietnam) to Kampot province (Cambodia). Different from the Non Nuoc limestones (Da Nang province), Phong Nha (Quang Binh province), or Ha Long (Quang Ninh province), the limestone in this area are divided separately along the sea and delta, and they are about 300 to 1000km away from other limestone area. In this very complex environment (seawater, fresh water, and brackish water, etc), Hon Chong limestone mountain has created the form of oasis which contains the “local” feature.

Scientists have found out that there are new types of creatures in Hon Chong area to contribute to the science and it is praised to be the most diversified are of the world. In Ba Tai Limestone Mountain, the researchers of Tropical study institute of Ho Chi Minh city discovered Thu Hai Duong (Begonia Baataiensis Kiew), a new type of plant, which contribute to the list of world plant. In the caves, they also discovered a type of “evolved” spider. Due to the dark living environment, this type of spider has lost their eyes and their body is transparent with the white color of limestone to hide. Though they have no eyes, their ability in catching decoys is very instinct. There are many plant and animal types, which are typical in this land and being tested in the libraries of all over the world.

Along the sea shore and the limestone islands in the Ba Lua complex (Kien Luong, Kien Giang), there are some strange caves of tens of meters high  which are not less beautiful than Phong Nha – Ke Bang or Non Nuoc caves. The stalactites are also various in this place and the most impressive thing is the uneven blocks of stalactites to encourage the imagination.


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