Son Dung beach

Son Dung beach

Son Dung beach

There are many reasons for you to come to Son Dung beach in Van Phong – Nha Trang province, one of them is to come to the natural stones in the shapes of the animals.

Son Dung village is not so big and crowded. That is only a small village with 14 households. Some houses are built quite firmly leaning on the mountain cliff. On the right side of it, there is a very beautiful rock ground, which is suitable for swimming. At the back of the village, there is a mountain with the sand banks, and the sea guards in front of the village. When the tide is low, there will be a smooth white sand bank running tens of meters.

Son Dung has neither road nor vehicles. The main pathway in the village is along the beach to come in, and that would be tough when the water is full. The way to come from house to house is made by sea sand and coral. This village also has its own “fairy tale” story.

Once upon a time, there was a group of Dang Ha people drifting into this village in a sunk boat occasion. There were no cloths at that time so they had to use leaves to wear. There are boys and girls choosing to leave this part of sad sea land to find a way in the urban. However, there were people stayed for the love of this land.

Nowadays, there are about 20 children of school age, so there is a class of multi-level organized by the soldiers of the Border Post no 358. People in Son Dung do a lot of things for living. They raise lobster, catching squid, fish, collecting firewood and planting trees. They are also the travel operators now due to the demands of visitors for dropping by for one or two hours a day.

The first attraction of Son Dung, which is wanted by everybody, is the fresh water resource right in the beach. Visitors are all curious about the fact that the sea water is salty, but there’s only a hole of one hand deep would give the fresh water. The process of digging the “well” is made thoroughly for visitors by a kid. The visitors would also frequently bring a bottle of water from Son Dung back to their place.

Son Dung has no restaurant or shop, but there are some nets of fish and shrimp on the water surface of the sea to serve the demand of eating of visitors.

You should anchor your boat beside a tree or sometimes, you have to walk on the sand to come to the island. You could come to the houses of the local people, chatting with them, or you could climb on the sand hill to feel the adventurous feeling. Following local people, you could come to the nets in the sea and choose some fish or shrimp to buy. The way of cooking is not so complicated, too.  It would need only a firewood cook to grill them and taste along with the wine. In the vast area of Van Phong Ocean, that is an amazing feeling.


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