Cu Lao Cham beach

Cu Lao Cham beach

Cu Lao Cham Beach

Cu Lao Cham is located in Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An township, Quang Nam province – a historical and cultural vestige which is closed to the shaping and developing process of Hoi An ancient port.

In the peaceful land of wind and sun, nice landscape, fresh sea foods, ideal beach, etc, visitors would be among the festival atmosphere of 3,000 people in Lang beach, Huong beach, even the local soldiers also willing to share with the visitors the daily activities among the rustling sea waves and wind.

There are 135 types of coral in Cu Lao Cham, in which six types are first recorded in Vietnam sea, 500 sea weed carpets and sea grass, 202 types of fish, four types of lobster, 84 types of molluscous.

The terrain is mountainous and green plant area with many precious creatures. The beaches are clean and smooth with the rock to create unique landscape. In the east of the vertical mountain cliff, the strong waves create a grandiose sight.

There is also the residence for swallow bird, their nest, which is called Yen Sao, is a precious food and good for health, which is only for the old kings and lords, and for the luxury restaurant nowadays. While the sea is quiet, visitors would come to visit the islands like To Vo, Kho cave – where the swallow make their nest in the sheer rocks.

There are many tour routes for the visitors in the theme of “Discovering Cu Lao”. You should choose the exhibition place of “Natural culture, Cu Lao Cham people, and precious things from the sea.” We could witness the objects from Chu Dau ceramics and other places, which are found in the sunken ship many hundreds years ago.

Visitors would also choose to visit Hai Tang pagoda, the pagoda of nearly 300 years in the island, visit the ancient well, Lang Ong, or the diving tour for the coral watching, watching colorful fish in Bac beach, Hon Dai, or join in the tour to fishing village of Bai Huong. People who love adventure tour would choose the diving tour with or without the breathing pot served by the Center of Diving of Hoi An Beach Resort.

If you do not following the tours, you could join in the sea swimming in Bai Ong or Bai Chong. All are quite wild and pristine. Youngsters would come to the Au boats area to join in the racing game “fisherman and the sea”.

In this occasion, visitors would choose the sea sports like skiing, flying kite, kayaking, boat racing. The special thing is that after the long time of working, stress is always there waiting, but coming to the island and live among the wildness, enjoying the seafood with fair price would ease them all.


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