Sa Huynh beach

Sa Huynh beach

Sa Huynh beach

Along the National Highway no 1A, Sa Huynh is located in Pho Thanh commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province. It is long known as the ideal destination for the domestic and international visitors.

The charming beauty of Sa Huynh Sea is the white smooth sand bank of kilometers like the hair of the young girl. Sa Huynh sea is famous for its blue pure sea with many shrimp and fish and beautiful coral grounds to create a nice picture. Local people named the islands in this land based on the shape of them: hon Bep, hon Du, hon Khu Ong, etc.

You should take a boat trip along the Cam Mountain to enjoy the whole beauty of the nature of this land especially when there is spring. Hoc Mo cave is beautiful with yellow apricot forest to light up a space among the vast sea. About more than a sea mile from the shore, the underneath rock ground and the coral is the world of sea weed and various colorful sea fishes. The living of the ocean is not much different from the fairy land. The most interesting part is standing in Da Bia Mount in the afternoon, stretch out to the sea to watch the last sunlight before they are digged after the mountains or sitting under the trees and listen to the whistle of the outer sea. Sky, cloud, wave, water, etc are like integrated, related to each other and create a romantic feature for the natural picture of Sa Huynh.

After a day  wandering many places, the night comes with the red fire camp, tasting the sweet of the sea foods like shrimp, squid, crab, fish, etc and the ship of wine, visitors would feel the burdens are threw away, the soul is also quietude.

Coming to Sa Huynh, visitors will not only see the firsthand the traditional festivals of local fishermen but also touching the steles, the ancient letters from hundreds of thousands years ago to be proud that you have come to a civilization of the world: Sa Huynh culture.


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