Sea draw Russian tourists to Vietnam

Sea draw Russian tourists to VietnamPristine beaches and fresh seafood have lured Russian tourists, part of the top-ten travellers to Viet Nam during the past five years, to the coastal cities of Nha Trang and Phan Thiet.

Russians mainly opt to travel to the coastal beaches of Viet Nam between November and March, the coldest time in Russia, drawn by the fresh air, beautiful nature, friendly locals, cheap seafood and a series newly constructed resorts in the cities.

Nha Trang city hosts 19 islands and two bays that tourists can explore or dive at leisure.

Mud and hot spring baths, available at resorts around 5km from the Nha Trang city centre, will help visitors relax after a hot summer’s day spent in the sun while coral reefs off Hon Ong Island, 100km offshore of Nha Trang Bay, hosts various types of colourful deep sea life for those interested in being lost in wonder.

Nguyen Lan, a Nha Trang city tour operator, said that Russian tourists were not fastidious and enjoyed Nha Trang beach life.

“Russian travellers mainly go for a good guide and transport, a white sand beach, sunlight and, for those coming over for a week of more, slightly more windy conditions,” Lan said.

“While Vinpearl Island is the most well-known luxury resort in Nha Trang, tourists can sail around other islands including the eco-tour Hon Lao Island or Monkey Island, home to thousands of monkeys,” the tour operator said, adding that fishing was also a popular passtime.

“Nha Trang has always been the top choice for Russian tourists, the city receiving around 26,000 Russian visitors per year compared to beach resorts in Phan Thiet and Phu Quoc Island,” according to deputy director of the Travel Agency, Nguyen Viet Trinh.

“We have witnessed an increasing number of Russian travellers touring Viet Nam, especially in Nha Trang and Phan Thiet,” Trinh said, adding that tourists could swim with buoys and enjoy drinking at floating bars in the sea, operated by local boat owners.

(Source: VietNamNet)

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